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Advantage ONE1X6A Charger (UK) 80W AC/DC LiPo1-6S/NiMh1-15N ORI30342

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Advantage ONE1X6A Charger (UK) 80W AC/DC LiPo1-6S/NiMh1-15N ORI30342

Advantage ONE1X6A Charger (UK) 80W AC/DC LiPo1-6S/NiMh1-15N ORI30342





Team Orion’s Advantage ONE 1X6A is a very easy to use charger that offers tremendous charging power at an affordable price. It charges LiPo/LiFe/LiHv batteries up to 6S and Nimh at an adjustable charge rate between 0.1 and 10A

The Advantage ONE 1X6A charger in a few words
The Advantage ONE 1X6A is an entry-level high power AC charger that can be used to charge LiPo batteries from 1S to 6S, NIMH batteries from 1 to 15 cells and PB batteries from 2 to 20V. The charging current is selectable from 0.1 to 10A with a maximum charging power of 80 Watt. The Advantage ONE 1X6A can charge almost any type of battery chemistry; Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Li-Po, Li-HV, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and PB. The LCD display provides all the information needed to navigate the different programs. The Advantage ONE 1X6A has several great features that are only found in high-end battery chargers.

Advantage ONE 1X6A charger features
Up to 6S cell balancing port
High quality 2 x 16″ backlit LCD display
Cooling fan
Can charge Li-Ion/ Li-Po/ Li-HV and Li-Fe batteries from 1 to 6S
Can charge Ni-MH batteries from 1 to 15 cells (1.2V – 18V)
Can charge PB batteries from 1 to 10 cells (2V – 20V)
Different charging, discharging and storage programs
Can measure the internal resistance of your battery
Can measure and monitor the voltage of each cell during charging
With all necessary safety features: short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.
Versatile charger for LiPo/ LiFe up to 6S and Nimh up to 18V.
80 watts of power

Battery Type: Life/ LiIon/ LiPo HV/ LiPo/ NiMH/ Lead Acid

Cells Number LiPo: 1-6S

Charge power: 80W

Charge Rate: 6A

Connector Type: Bec/ Crocodile clips/ Deans/ Futuba

Discharge power: 10W

Discharge Rate: 2A

Input: 230V / DC 12-15V

Integrated Balancer: Yes

Modes: Charge

Trickle Charge: Yes

Type: AC/DC

User interface: LCD Display/Buttons

Weight: 312g

Width: 125mm

Length: 132mm

Height: 55mm


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