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LaTrax Teton 1/18 Scale 4WD Monster Truck Ready-To-Explore™ (Pink) #76054-5

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76054-5# LaTrax Teton 1/18 Scale 4WD Monster Truck Ready-To-Explore


  • 1/18 LaTrax Teton ProGraphix® multi-colored painted body

  • Powered by Traxxas for award-winning performance and support

  • All-weather electronics for year round fun

  • Four-wheel drive for superior off-road versatility and grip

  • Powerful motor for aggressive acceleration and exciting speed

  • Ready-To-Explore with included 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack and AC or 12v DC outlet charger

  • Fully independent suspension for exceptional off-road handling and control

  • Smooth, Oil-filled shocks dampen the suspension motion

  • Front and rear all-metal gear differentials

  • Metal ring and pinion gears

  • Simple and efficient shaft drive

  • Durable construction that’s built to last

The Teton™ packs big all-weather adventure into a powerful 4-wheel drive off-roader that’s quick and versatile for radio-controlled fun anytime, anywhere. This tough rig checks in at 1/18 scale, yet its purposeful design easily tackles rugged back-road terrain. The steep approach angle lets the grippy tires attack large rocks and tall curbs with aggressive climbing action. Smooth, long-travel oil-filled shocks keep the suspension motion in check over rocky terrain, and smooths out the landings when coming off of big jumps. Strength on the trail is assured with proven shaft drive, metal ring and pinions in the differentials, and smooth, long wearing ball bearings. Roosting dirt and slinging gravel are just part of the fun as the fully proportional electronic speed control and powerful motor deliver punchy acceleration and exciting speed.

Teton is built to go the distance, and is always ready for your next off-road adventure. All-weather electronics rule over the elements for driving fun through streams, mud, and snow. The long range 2.4GHz radio system is always in command. The LaTrax Teton is perfect for any age driver or skill level and comes fully assembled, painted, and Ready-To-Explore™ with included 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack and charger. Everything you need is included in the package. The LaTrax Teton is Powered By Traxxas; protected by world-class Traxxas support, 100% parts availability.

High Capacity 7.2-volt NiMH Battery Pack with iD®

Teton includes an iD-equipped 7.2v NiMH battery and convenient AC wall or 12v DC outlet charger. This potent pack features heavy-duty construction, 16-gauge wires and Traxxas’ exclusive patented High-Current Connector for efficient power transfer, run after run. Everything you need is in the box, even 4 AA alkaline batteries!

4-Wheel Drive Off-Road Versatility

Teton stays true to the mountain terrain it is named after with versatile 4-wheel drive off-road performance that takes you places you might not expect. The simple and efficient shaft drive powers tall tires for increased ground clearance and aggressive traction. True 4-wheel independent suspension keeps the tires planted over all different types of terrain from smooth sidewalks to gravel-bottom creek beds. Teton fits easily in a backpack. Whether hiking or driving, how far can Teton take you on your outdoor adventure?

Waterproof, All-Weather Electronics
for Total Driving Freedom

Waterproof, all-weather electronics means your fun doesn’t stop just because of a little water. Teton doesn’t slow down for puddles, mud, ice, or snow! The waterproof servo and patent-pending weather-sealed receiver box let you keep going, even in wet conditions that send other trucks back to the workbench. It’s total driving freedom! Drive the Teton where you want, when you want—the only limit is your imagination.

100% Fully Assembled and Ready-To-Explore™

The 1/18 LaTrax Teton is fully assembled with a 2.4GHz radio system, painted and decaled body, and easy instructions. A LaTrax 7.2V rechargeable NiMH battery pack, AC wall outlet charger, and 4 Traxxas Power Cell AA alkaline batteries are also included. Everything you need for fun is in the box.

Powered by Traxxas

Teton Specs
Length:10.16 inches (258 mm)
Front Track:7.20 inches (183 mm)
Rear Track:7.20 inches (183 mm)
Weight (with battery):19.2 ounces (545 g)
Weight (without battery):13.3 ounces (430 g)
Height (overall):4.65 inches (118 mm)
Wheelbase:6.44 inches (164 mm)
Wheel Diameter:1.63 inches (42 mm)
Shock Length (front/rear):2.36 inches (60 mm)
Ground Clearance:1.18 inches (30 mm)
Front/Rear Tires:Teton
Front/Rear Wheels:5-spoke
Electronic Speed Control:Waterproof forward/reverse ESC
Motor (electric):370 brushed
Transmission:9T pinion / 61T spur
Gear Ratio (internal):2.5:1
Overall Drive Ratio:15:1 (stock, out-of-box)
Differential Type:Hardened steel bevel (ring and pinion)
Gear Pitch:0.5 Mod.
Chassis Structure/Material:Molded composite Nylon monocoque
Brake Type:Electronic
Drive System:Shaft-driven 4WD
Radio System:2.4GHz Radio
Skill Level:1
Battery Tray Dimensions:102 mm x 35 mm x 18 mm
Included Batteries:7.2V 6-cell NiMH with charger
Included Batteries:4 “AA” (transmitter)
LaTrax Teton – MODEL 76054-5: 1/18 LaTrax Teton, fully assembled, Ready-To-Explore™, with 2.4GHz radio system,
370 motor, waterproof, all-weather electronics, 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery & charger, and painted body.
Weight3 kg
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