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SkyRC SkyRC eN18 Charger NiMh 4-8 cells 1.2A SK100184-02

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SkyRC SkyRC eN18 Charger NiMh 4-8 cells 1.2A SK100184-02

SkyRC SkyRC eN18 Charger NiMh 4-8 cells 1.2A SK100184-02

Product information “SkyRC SkyRC eN18 Charger NiMh 4-8 cells 1,2A”

Ease of use is the most important thing ´when working with the eN18 NiMH charger. Simply plug the 4-8S Peak Charger into the nearest free socket, connect the battery to the Tamiya-plug and off You go. The colored LED shows You the current process and stays green as soon as the charging process is completed with up to 1.2A and 14.4V.

Thanks to the built-in delta-peak detection, the Skyrc eN18 ensures that your batteries actually reach their full capacity when charging. In this way You get even more power and even more runtime from your batteries. This is achieved by using a peak value detection circuit that monitors the voltage of the battery during charging and the charger automatically switches off when the voltage of the battery reaches certain peak values ??and drops. This is in contrast to a timed charger, which often leaves you with a not fully charged battery.


  • Simply plug in and charge optimally
  • Built-in circuit for delta peak detection
  • Suitable for 4-8 NiMH cells
  • Connect directly to the socket with a voltage range of 100V to 240V
  • Various protective mechanisms (reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, low operating temperature)
  • Loading status display:
    • Red (steady): standby
    • Red (flashing): error
    • Green (flashing): charging
    • Green (steady): charging completed

Technical data

Input Voltage:100-240V
Charge Voltage:4,8-14,4V
Charge Current:1,2A
Charge Power:max. 18W
No. of Cells:4-8 Zellen NiMH-Akkus
Display:1 LED


Set contains

1x SkyRC eN18 AC NiMH Peak Charger

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